Time is your only boundary, but time binds all.

Radix is a world stuck in machine, spinning two unseen wheels through the cosmos of time and space. The world holds no oceans, no mantle, but instead consists of three enormous islands suspended in a strange, purplish gas-like substance the locals refer to as Aether. The planes themselves push back the Aether, which is good as anything caught in it is suspended in time and drifts aimlessly through its depths, until it either comes out the other side years, sometimes decades later when no time has passed for the traveller, or its eaten by the strange creatures which inhabit the murky space.

The world is fueled by a mixture of magic and alchemy, the two racing for supremecy in a land where religion is what you make of it. There are no Gods in Radix, or at least there hasn’t been for some time. The Fourteen Thrones rule the upper planes, and although the one sitting on the throne may be unto a God themselves, they are mortal, and can be challenged, bested and killed just like anyone else. Those below devote themselves and revere the Thrones, but the channeling of divine power has little to do with the one sits on it, aside from the support given by the Avatar should the worshiper be deemed worthy.

A world at peace is hardly a world at all, of course; the three continents, though vying for power, have too many threats within them to focus on the others. Hydranatos, the holy city which shares the name of the continent it was built upon, has built walls to hedge out the savage races of the land, but have become open to corruption within as the various guilds and organizations politick and backstab in an attempt for dominance. The towns of Declaria, the wooded continent, are in constant threat of attack from woodland creatures, rampant Fae and even the savage Barbarian Tribes; any attempt at civilization is seen as affront to many of the creatures who believe the Wilds of Declaria are their home, and any settlement larger than a simple port town is immediately set ablaze. The citizens of Aracanoc, the floating city which took the name of the continent it was carved from, lounge in comfort and decadence while below their servants fight an unending battle against the creatures left behind, wondering for ages why the sun was taken away.

The questions surrounding the world have not ended. Why do the histories tell of oceans of water? What happened to dragons who were said to have owned the sky, many of whom were said to be kings or even divine? What power pulled the gods from their holy thrones, allowing mortals to assume them?

Who is watching over the people of Radix now?

Radix - End of an Era

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