Radix - End of an Era

Game of 9/16

The Battle Caused by Rudeness

We chased Shawn and James to where they knocked down the door to a thieves hideout, where they are almost shot with a hissing arrow. Thankfully, the archer was a terrible shot.
The rest of us all make our way in slowly, but not before the arrow exploded.

As Amanda rages and destroys the enemies around us, the archer shoots another arrow, narrowly missing Amanda. We realize at this point, the arrows that the archer is using are really snakes that he set on fire, which explains why he hasn’t been able to hit us yet. As to why they explode, we’re not entirely sure.

The battle continues on, until finally the last enemy runs away behind a secret door.

James, being the nosy one, tries to follow him, but realizes that he could just be going into another trap, so he decides to stop. Shawn desecrates/loots the bodies. We found a bunch of cool shit.

Items found:
5 Guild daggers
4 Magic Longswords
2 Wands
2 Pairs of Magical Boots
1 Hat
1 Belt

We decide to head up to the city, so we go to Brap’s Tower, which is the easiest way for us to get there. As we arrive, our Quarter Master is noticeably trying to avoid being seen by Brap, while Brap doesn’t seem to notice the Quarter Master at all. Could there be a hidden romantic past between them? Find out next time!


BrianBaker katelyn_campen

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